For more than 25 years Cecil Allen Moore has taken his show across 15 countries worldwide and has played, sang, wrote and traveled with some of the most legendary entertainers, solid gold songwriters, and best musicians entangled into the history of outlaw country music.


Growing up in and around Chattanooga Tennessee, Cecil started out his career with what he calls a mixture of an apprenticeship in poetry and straight up boot camp for honky tonk warfare by taking a gig on lead guitar and backing harmonies with Solid Gold Songwriter Roger Alan Wade. Wade while being a wildly successful writer who had penned songs for a who's who list of infamous renegade country artists including but not limited to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and George Jones, his most notable cut happened when Hank Williams Jr recorded Wade's song "Country State Of Mind" and it went gold. Cecil had a rare opportunity to learn the craft of wordsmithing from a master and has co written several with Wade some of which have wound up on both of their albums.


Aside from playing with Wade, Cecil was also Lead Guitar & Backing Vocal for The Legendary Songwriter, Entertainer & Father Of Outlaw Country Music, David Allan Coe who's music needs no introduction. The music and writing of both Wade and Coe had a profound influence and affect on the music of Cecil Allen Moore and can be heard both onstage and in studio.


The original music and recordings of Cecil Allen Moore have been played on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio as well as more than 1000 Independent AM/FM Channels. His original recordings have also been featured in Film, Television, and Commercial Placement.