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I'm Just An Outlaw Singer With A Hillbilly Band! 

Greetings Family! Our January Residency at Cherry Street Tavern in Chattanooga TN went great. Thank all of you who traveled far and wide to make one of these rare performances with a couple of my closest musical friends!

Check out my YouTube video from our final performance last Thursday Outlaw Singer With A Hillbilly Band W/Roger Alan Wade & Lew Card

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Chattanooga Thursday Night Residency  

Tomorrow Night (providing the blizzard of 22 don't stop us) join me, and two of my oldest, dearest friends in music business Roger Alan Wade  & Lew Card as we swap songs, and tell tales at another old, dear friends music venue in downtown Chattanooga The Cherry Street Tavern for the first of our January Thursday Night Residency! Show starts at 8pm EST with $3 Cover, and $3 Whiskey. Let's start 22 with a bang! 

There are plenty of nice hotels within walking or an Uber close to Cherry Street Tavern for those of you wishing to fly into Chattanooga for one of these rare performances. 


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2022 Spring/Summer U.S. Tour 

Howdy to everyone out there in internetland! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Years.

I know this day and age there's a whole lot of plain old bullshit out there on the world wide web, but let me tell you one thing that isn't bullshit. I've taken up the reigns and have been booking up a storm with many dates already confirmed across the country for Spring and Summer of 2022!

I hope y'all plan to join us for one or more of many show stops we will be making on our first big tour since we were making our way through California in March of 2020. The world started shutting down and shows began cancelling both domestic and abroad where we were slated to begin a world tour right after our US run ended.

I will be a announcing tour dates sometime after the New Year Holiday through The Family official email newsletter first so be sure to join right here on my website.

If you want us to make a stop at your favorite music room be sure to hit me up if you are a talent buyer, or know someone who books there  before all the dates get taken up because they do tend to go fast after our old friends take their picks.

Until next time,

-Cecil Allen Moore



Now Booking! 

Now Booking!  

I don’t think we will long distance tour for the rest of 2021, but we are starting to book for Spring 2022 in the U.S. and Europe and maybe more locations with dates beginning in late April 2022.  

For now I’m itching to get back out at least a couple nights a week within close range. We plan on continuing our Saturday parties here on the Mtn, but y’all help me find a few reoccurring residency spots for weekly acoustic shows within a couple hours away from Whitwell TN. It’ll be warming up soon so maybe a bike night or two makes sense. Any night of the week works for these.  

If you want to book one or more dates contact me directly at 


Sweet GA Brown Tonight! 

Gonna be a hoot in The Meetin’ House Tonight as our buddy Sweet GA Brown makes his way back to The Pocket for Freedom Party 37!

Nicki has home made beans n ham with cornbread and chess bars for the hungry. 

Food will be served right around 6pm CST and music will commence an hour or so later. 


Tonight’s Party Postponed  

Regrettably, our show tonight with GA Brown has had to be rescheduled. We are getting weather reports of a winter mix moving in, and it gets pretty slick getting out of the Pocket when that does happen so we decided to make the call for the safety of our audience planning on coming. 


We will I’ll be back at the Meetin’ House next Saturday with Sweet GA Brown for Freedom Party 37. Make your plans to join us and make sure you RSVP on the The Meetin House board if you’re coming. 

-Cecil Allen Moore

Some of y’all need to tune out of the mainstream and it shows. 

Occasionally I fail to resist the urge to scroll down the newsfeed on Facebook. I use Facebook as an example because it’s really the prime example of how we will let someone control us if we think it’s their right. What if it isn’t?  

I could go into conspiracies all day about how some think it was funded with taxpayer money, and set up by the department of homeland security after 9/11 through the Patriot Act to log the activities, associates, locations visited and facial features of US citizens and other users for their new facial recognition network that is connected to cameras mounted virtually all over the US. Some countries won’t let their citizens use Facebook for similar reasons. I’m not sure how much truth is in that, but one thing is certain. Most of my good friends and family are there when they’re not in something to refer to with no other term but Facebook jail! It’s for sure an open censorship forum where some people still think they’re getting some sort of real information from. You only see what they allow you to. You know that with certainty because it’s out in the open. I believe the way it and other platforms like twitter, and instagram are ran is dangerous and detrimental to the liberties of not only US citizens, but of mankind itself. What happens when these large tech oligarichal monopolies go CCP style and start issuing social credit points or ratings that help you get jobs, or buy goods? You can’t do certain things like travel if you don’t have enough social credit. What if some of the people you associate with have low scores too and that impacts your rating negatively? You see where this goes? These are not science fiction either. There’s plenty of information out there if you’re brave enough to search for it. I say that because the thought police are now making fun of people for get this “doing their own research” isn’t that a gas?  

It makes me think about John 8:32 when Jesus told them then they would know the truth, and the truth shall set them free to which they replied, “but we are Abraham’s decedents and have never been slaves to anyone.  How can you say be set free?”  

Because them who control what you see, hear, or read control what you think as well. If you are controlled in these manners, you are not free.  

I currently use Duck Duck Go for a search browser because I found out (and please don’t make fun of me) through my own research that other big tech oligarchs like google don’t really pull up certain information you want or are trying to find. That was brought up under congressional testimony. Try it yourself you might be astonished at what you find.  

This blog came about when I opened Facebook to share a post urging my real people there who actually still get to see my posts to come sign up to my newsletter called The Family so we can stay in touch in a post Facebook world. When I did that I got sucked into the void of the dreaded zombie death scroll. (You know it’s real) What happened next is what usually does. On multiple posts people were mindlessly ranting about what someone did who they will probably never meet or have a conversation with. It’s the biggest news right now while the fiasco and robbing of our country and fundamental rights continues in DC. What some make believe person that the system invented, groomed, and propped up said or did doesn’t make a damned difference in your life. They keep this all going for a reason.  

In parting I want to quote one of my favorite songs by John Prine called Spanish Pipe Dream that says... 

“Blow up your TV 

Throw away the paper  

Move to the country 

Build you a home 

Plant a little garden  

Grow a lot of peaches  

Try to find Jesus on your own” 


-Cecil Allen Moore 

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Freedom Party Week 37 This Saturday! 


We had a great Freedom Party 36 up here in the Pocket this past Saturday! Our friends The Trailer Hippies came up from Georgia and played an amazing set for us, and Nicki, Colt, Chris Privett and myself did our thing too to a full house! 

This coming Saturday make plans to join us for Week # 37 of our Freedom Party in the Pocket as our brother in song Sweet GA Brown makes his debut in The Meetin’ House! 

We are nestled deep on the Southeastern rim of the Cumberland Plateau in Whitwell Tennessee. I’m pretty sure we hold the title to longest running live show on earth now, but you can RSVP directly on The Meetin’ House board. As a member of The Family Newsletter you have unrestricted access with the password we will be mailing out again tonight in the newsletter so join now!

If you can’t make it out to a physical show, we are still in the process of setting up a live streaming experience of our Freedom Party Saturday’s. We still need a little bit more equipment to make that as good as we can hope to get it. In the end I’d like to bring you a high resolution, fully mixed show that you can stream onto your television so you can watch from your living room or bedroom, and join in the conversation on your phone browser or streaming app. We run everything off donations, and If you would like to make a contribution towards this goal we would forever be grateful. I don’t want to do a subscription fee for the live shows, but rather do a virtual bucket. We understand a lot of people are having a hard time. Just toss us what you can into The Freedom Party Tip Jug 

Trailer Hippies Are Coming! 

I spoke to my dear friend Tommy Davis from Trailer Hippies today, and he and Silvia are planning to grace us with some of their finely crafted songs for Saturday January 30th’s Freedom Party!

This will be our 36th week of Live In The Pocket, and we welcome all of our friends, and family members. Everyone is welcome we just need you to RSVP so we make sure we have room for you. Join The Family official newsletter for updates, and shoot us a message if you plan to attend. Our intimate performance room fills up in the winter so please let us know you plan on making the trip so you don’t drive all the way here to a sold out show. 

We run this weekly party on your generous donations only from the tip bucket during the show, and through our online Freedom Party Tip Jug from music lovers everywhere who appreciate our efforts in keeping real music free from limitations. 

We are located in The Pocket of Whitwell Tennessee high on the Southeastern rim of The Cumberland Plateau on what used to be called “Old Cumberland Mountain. Food is served around 6pm and music starts around 8pm. 

We hope you can plan on joining us!


Y’all don’t forget about our Free Saturday Night Concert Series that we have going on every weekend right here in The Pocket on The Pine Hill Theater! 

This Saturday we have The Sequatchie River Band kicking things off at 6pm 

Nicki, Colt, Cecil Allen Moore & Family + special guests following at around 7pm 

The Custom Cuisine Food Trailer will be here for your hunger needs! 

Watch the video for full info and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re there for the future content uploads that me, and the team have coming! 

 Official YouTube Of CECIL ALLEN MOORE

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Party in the Pocket and you’re invited  

Hey folks thanks for tuning in to the official home of the Cecil Allen Moore Band Family. We are gradually making our exodus from many of the social media sites because they are counter productive for independent artists. They charge you to boost your posts in hopes of getting new fans, then they charge you to show each new post to the same people who already like our page whether they are new fan or old family member! I understand that’s their business plan, but that’s a false system no independent can benefit from more than getting 400-500 people out of tens of thousands of fans we have made to see what content I share. I call bullshit! To me this seems like extortion just to be able to talk to my fans on their platform!  By all means please do share my website and music on your favorite platforms as it will get more traction with you sharing it than if I did. 


Please subscribe to The Family mailing list, and check back frequently for new blog posts right here at that you can interact with, and comment on, chat with us etc. 


We love each and every one of you and hope you will make plans to come party in the Pocket with us sometime this summer. 


-Cecil Allen Moore


p.s. Thank you for joining The Family.


Happy 2020! 

Happy New Year to all of our brothers and sisters of the road, friends, and extended family.  

We count each of you as a blessing, and wish everyone a successful, and healthy 2020.  

We look forward to seeing everyone on our upcoming North American & European Tours beginning Spring of 2020, and hope some of y’all will plan on spending New Years Eve next year with us in Scotland!  

We are planning on performing a live feed broadcast in the coming weeks for our first concert of the year so stay tuned by signing up to my email list right here at  


See y’all next year! 



Breaking News! 2020 European Tour 

2020 European Tour is now in the works with performances already confirmed in FINLAND, and CROATIA, and we are awaiting further confirmations in Germany, The U.K., France, Spain, and Italy.  

The tour will kick off Mid April and run through the middle/end of May. We are still booking this tour so if you want us in your country share this and tag your favorite promoters or live music venues.  

We will be announcing dates in the coming weeks for both US & International Tours.  

For international booking contact Erica: 

How To Do Outlaw Country In The 21st Century.  

I am excited to announce some new updates to the site, and especially proud to say that we have wrestled the flag of independence out of the hands of the industry even further by being able to offer every album that I have released since 2009 for sale via digital download right off of the official site as of this morning. I even made a couple of them available for free download if you feel inclined to join our family. As a songwriter I wrote all but 3 songs on them. Two were Co-Produced by me, and my longtime music brother Jeff Coppage who is gold and platinum album credited. The other was Produced By my other longtime music Brother Lew Card. These songs have received airplay around the world. I’ll fill y’all in later on the rest.

A Merch Store has been added for those who want to support in public with apparel for everyone. We will be adding new designs in the near future. It’s truly the best way you can do your part to support and spread the word. I have been using a company called Store Frontier for a while now to fill my online orders and have had no bad buzz from fans. Store Frontier pays me virtually the same profit as keeping my own inventory without the hassle. It also allows me to offer more design choices for fans. 

Thanks to those of you who have bought music, and merchandise this morning already. I’ve been watching the orders roll in from this via my email blowing up. The downloads got straight into my account, and the t shirt company sends me a deposit every two weeks. 

Buy the music, grab a shirt, take some time, explore the site, let us know what you think. Then go tell your friends and family.

To those of you who think it’s dead, this is how Outlaw Country is done in the 21st CENTURY!

-Cecil Allen Moore

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Couple of great KC area shows this weekend 

We are loading up the bus and heading to the Kansas City Area for a couple shows to celebrate my buddy JB Ashcraft’s Birthday this weekend  

Last I heard Friday’s show at The Fuel House in Bonner Springs has less than 40 tickets left! We’re all pumped for the show as it’s our first time through to this amazing looking event venue. If you love all things automotive you’ll love this joint.  

Leon’s Social Club on Saturday is a big ole outdoor event stage with room for a couple thousand of our friends that is butted up to a historic row of buildings right down the road from the Jesse James farm in Holt Missouri. I asked JB what if it rains? He said then we will move it inside! If that happens it’s first come first serve.



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