Party in the Pocket and you’re invited

Hey folks thanks for tuning in to the official home of the Cecil Allen Moore Band Family. We are gradually making our exodus from many of the social media sites because they are counter productive for independent artists. They charge you to boost your posts in hopes of getting new fans, then they charge you to show each new post to the same people who already like our page whether they are new fan or old family member! I understand that’s their business plan, but that’s a false system no independent can benefit from more than getting 400-500 people out of tens of thousands of fans we have made to see what content I share. I call bullshit! To me this seems like extortion just to be able to talk to my fans on their platform!  By all means please do share my website and music on your favorite platforms as it will get more traction with you sharing it than if I did. 


Please subscribe to The Family mailing list, and check back frequently for new blog posts right here at that you can interact with, and comment on, chat with us etc. 


We love each and every one of you and hope you will make plans to come party in the Pocket with us sometime this summer. 


-Cecil Allen Moore


p.s. Thank you for joining The Family.


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