WHAT the press says

“Not only does Moore make some seriously traditional honky tonk music, he also just so happens to tour the country on a motorcycle. That’s how the modern day cowboy does it” 

-LA Weekly 


“Moore is no Waylon-come-lately to the classic honky-tonk sound’ 

-The Boston Globe 


"Possibly the perfect example of the Outlaw lineage in the present day" 

-Saving Country Music 


“If you like your country with some teeth to it, he can bring it” 

-Chattanooga Times Free Press 


“If you think Country Music is what they play on CMT, you should probably stay home. Moore plays the kind of music that makes whiskey taste even better” 

-High Country Press 


“You cant help but fall in love with this band and their sound” 

-Music News Nashville