Meet the band


As a hillbilly child of the rural mountain community know as The Pocket in Whitwell TN, Nicki grew up playing and singing old time gospel music with her mother, and Grandmother in Church. It doesn’t matter whether Nicki is slapping the hell out of her Upright Bass, or getting down on Electric Bass Guitar, one thing is for certain. This Roger Alan Wade, and David Allan Coe Band Alumni Bassist is going to bring it.

Robert “Duke” Ivy

Longtime friend and drummer of the Cecil Allen Moore Band going back to 2012 Duke Ivy has his share of road stories with this outfit. Robert hails from Nashville TN Via San Diego CA where he and Cecil met in the mid 2000’s while playing a show with California twangster Bill Cardinal. It helps that Rob is also David Allan Coe Band Alumni so you know he’s just as seasoned at playing Outlaw Country as anyone could ever hope to be.