Some of y’all need to tune out of the mainstream and it shows.

Occasionally I fail to resist the urge to scroll down the newsfeed on Facebook. I use Facebook as an example because it’s really the prime example of how we will let someone control us if we think it’s their right. What if it isn’t?  

I could go into conspiracies all day about how some think it was funded with taxpayer money, and set up by the department of homeland security after 9/11 through the Patriot Act to log the activities, associates, locations visited and facial features of US citizens and other users for their new facial recognition network that is connected to cameras mounted virtually all over the US. Some countries won’t let their citizens use Facebook for similar reasons. I’m not sure how much truth is in that, but one thing is certain. Most of my good friends and family are there when they’re not in something to refer to with no other term but Facebook jail! It’s for sure an open censorship forum where some people still think they’re getting some sort of real information from. You only see what they allow you to. You know that with certainty because it’s out in the open. I believe the way it and other platforms like twitter, and instagram are ran is dangerous and detrimental to the liberties of not only US citizens, but of mankind itself. What happens when these large tech oligarichal monopolies go CCP style and start issuing social credit points or ratings that help you get jobs, or buy goods? You can’t do certain things like travel if you don’t have enough social credit. What if some of the people you associate with have low scores too and that impacts your rating negatively? You see where this goes? These are not science fiction either. There’s plenty of information out there if you’re brave enough to search for it. I say that because the thought police are now making fun of people for get this “doing their own research” isn’t that a gas?  

It makes me think about John 8:32 when Jesus told them then they would know the truth, and the truth shall set them free to which they replied, “but we are Abraham’s decedents and have never been slaves to anyone.  How can you say be set free?”  

Because them who control what you see, hear, or read control what you think as well. If you are controlled in these manners, you are not free.  

I currently use Duck Duck Go for a search browser because I found out (and please don’t make fun of me) through my own research that other big tech oligarchs like google don’t really pull up certain information you want or are trying to find. That was brought up under congressional testimony. Try it yourself you might be astonished at what you find.  

This blog came about when I opened Facebook to share a post urging my real people there who actually still get to see my posts to come sign up to my newsletter called The Family so we can stay in touch in a post Facebook world. When I did that I got sucked into the void of the dreaded zombie death scroll. (You know it’s real) What happened next is what usually does. On multiple posts people were mindlessly ranting about what someone did who they will probably never meet or have a conversation with. It’s the biggest news right now while the fiasco and robbing of our country and fundamental rights continues in DC. What some make believe person that the system invented, groomed, and propped up said or did doesn’t make a damned difference in your life. They keep this all going for a reason.  

In parting I want to quote one of my favorite songs by John Prine called Spanish Pipe Dream that says... 

“Blow up your TV 

Throw away the paper  

Move to the country 

Build you a home 

Plant a little garden  

Grow a lot of peaches  

Try to find Jesus on your own” 


-Cecil Allen Moore 

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