How To Do Outlaw Country In The 21st Century.

I am excited to announce some new updates to the site, and especially proud to say that we have wrestled the flag of independence out of the hands of the industry even further by being able to offer every album that I have released since 2009 for sale via digital download right off of the official site as of this morning. I even made a couple of them available for free download if you feel inclined to join our family. As a songwriter I wrote all but 3 songs on them. Two were Co-Produced by me, and my longtime music brother Jeff Coppage who is gold and platinum album credited. The other was Produced By my other longtime music Brother Lew Card. These songs have received airplay around the world. I’ll fill y’all in later on the rest.

A Merch Store has been added for those who want to support in public with apparel for everyone. We will be adding new designs in the near future. It’s truly the best way you can do your part to support and spread the word. I have been using a company called Store Frontier for a while now to fill my online orders and have had no bad buzz from fans. Store Frontier pays me virtually the same profit as keeping my own inventory without the hassle. It also allows me to offer more design choices for fans. 

Thanks to those of you who have bought music, and merchandise this morning already. I’ve been watching the orders roll in from this via my email blowing up. The downloads got straight into my account, and the t shirt company sends me a deposit every two weeks. 

Buy the music, grab a shirt, take some time, explore the site, let us know what you think. Then go tell your friends and family.

To those of you who think it’s dead, this is how Outlaw Country is done in the 21st CENTURY!

-Cecil Allen Moore

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